A Few Tips for Beginners and Reminders to those Who are in Photography (General)

So you bought a new camera then what?


  1. Read your camera manual.
    There is nothing more important than to know how to operate your camera. Be familiar about the use of the buttons and dials. Know when to use the different modes.
  2. Learn about the exposure triangle.
    ISO,APERTURE and SHUTTER SPEED. Practice on getting the right exposure, then experiment to achieve the exposure and effect of the images that you want.
  3. Composition.
    After you master your exposure, it’s time to think about where you point your camera. Follow the rules of composition to then break it when necessary.
  4. Educate yourself.
    Through workshop, reading or even by experience. There is always something to learn. If you stop learning, you also stop improving.
  5. Practice and Practice and Practice!
    Photography is a skill combined with creativity.
  6. Don’t settle with know “How to do it” instead know “Why you do it?”
    It is good to be a skilled photographer, but it is better if you know why you are doing photography.

    *If I miss something important. Kindly leave a comment. I will appreciate it, Thank you!

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