Macau panda

Black and white is still a color and this being  called panda has it. Located at Paque de Seac Pai Van, Macau. A few minutes taxi ride from Cotai Strip

A stone sign at the entrance of the park
A stone sign at the entrance of the Seak Pai Van park.

The park has a lot of attractions but we are here for the panda.

Park map
Park map

Look there it is!

I’ts a Panda! statue!

A cool sign and a lot of prohibited things around the park.

Remember this to avoid problems later.

One ticket is good for  1 hour viewing at the panda. It cost only 10 MOP!


This is the entrance. The enclosure is  air-conditioned, to keep the everyone cool, including the panda.


I take my chance to have my photo taken with the panda. Can you see it?

2014-09-21 11.06.44 1

There it is. A panda. Panda!


PANDA!!!!!!!! It is my first time to see this creature.


Next time you go to Macau, try to visit this panda. It might be happier if it is in the wild forest, but they are not safe there when humans are still hunting them down. I guess this is the best way to save them from extinctions for NOW. We must change, so we could see them in their natural habitat. We can coexist with nature, because we are only one part of nature.


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